On this site you can see some paintings from the Dutch artist Friso Wiegersma.
Some of these are for sale as postcard.
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" Stilleven"
Gouache from 1962











"A windy day"
tempera on board, 1970












"The look-out"








"The yellow screen"










Waiting gentleman
acryl on board








 The artist in front of
"The moon night" 1990
 (photo W. Dekkers)









"The yellow book"












The artist in front of recent work, 2003
(photo: M. Bolsius)






Biography of Friso Wiegersma:

Friso was born in 1925 in Deurne and died in 2006 in Amsterdam. His father was the famous doctor-painter Hendrik Wiegersma, who was befriended with Permeke, Van Rees and Zadkine. When he discovered he was gay, he went to Amsterdam to study art. He met Wim Sonneveld, who was a famous cabaret-artist then. Their relation lasted 25 years. Friso made the scenery and the costumes for most of his programs. Later he also started to write songs for Sonneveld, which are still well known. After the death of Sonneveld he wrote several songs for other artists, but through all this, his real devotion was to his paintings. Most of them are sold.

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